• Waste Management

    Waste management can prove trying for large sites with a constant flow of rubbish. JCD can provide equipment and personnel to help ease the stress of what can feel like endless cleaning.

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Our Waste Management Services

From on-site equipment and the sale of commodities to regular waste bin emptying, we have a full service provision for every type of business.

Waste Compactors

We can supply, service and empty all types of 'rollonoff' and skip lift waste compactor.

Finding the right type of waste compactor for your waste stream can be a minefield when either looking to lease, rent or buy.

The right waste compactor can be dependent on volume of potential waste, the size of waste articles, space and headroom on-site, power availability, liquid content in waste, local environmental factors, etc.

Our specialists supply the most appropriate machine, providing the best return on investment.


Waste and recycling balers vary greatly by standard build, such as:

Vertical Balers (Pictured Above)

Multi-Chamber Balers

Horizontal Balers

Semi Automatic Balers

Fully Automatic Balers

You then have the size of the baler and the outputted bale, which can range from 20kg to beyond 1000kg/1 tonne+ in size. These vary in dimension which, along with the extra bale weight, can dictate how many a vehicle can hold.

Finding the right machine for your cardboard, plastic, textiles and other waste streams requires planning. Our surveys cover all angles from the storage, collection and sale of your recycling.

Recycling Commodities

Your recycling, subject to tonnage and preparation, is a valuable commodity which can be sold on the market. Prices for cardboard can be as high as £130 per tonne, plastics up to £400 per tonne, polystyrene have seen highs of £750 per tonne. When evaluating your waste production on-site, you will typically see hundreds to thousands of tonnes per year.

By recovering these recyclables with simple segregation and control measures, they can be easily processed and stored on-site ready to collect and sell. You can, for example, store around 1 tonne of material for every approx 1m2 of floor space.

Waste Collection

Regular waste collections covering all types of skips, waste compactors, RELs, FELs, 1100 litre, 660 and 240 litre bins.

In large projects, waste can build up all too easily. This can harm the surrounding environment as well as staff and passersby if not dealt with effectively and strategically. We can service every type of waste and recycling stream, including bulky, offensive and hazardous waste streams so everything in your immediate environment is safe and looked after.

Segregation Points

Setting up and installing the correct segregration points, including ordering, delivery and placement of bins, signage, local control measures and organising operational RAMS with local management teams is part of our service provision.

This can include service areas that are heavily restricted and may be hazardous due to regular vehicle movements, such as at retail developments.

Experienced Operatives

Our operatives are typically multi-trained in environments where services are not just related to cleaning. The certifications, hands-on training and educational days encompass all support services that formulate part of our operatives daily routines.

We do not send our operatives out on a job without ensuring they have undergone the proper and correct training beforehand.

The right service provision is very much based on the volumes and type of waste produced on-site, local storage, vehicle access, access times, local environment restrictions and so on. Our expert team will work with our service partners to put together an effective waste management package for you. During our survey we will focus on asking the right questions to make the best proposal for your business needs.

Our Clients

Our Accreditations

ISO14001 Award

Our Guarantee

Highly trained staff with industry-leading task specific training

An area support structure capable of supporting your contract.

Regular site-specific auditing at the agreed frequency.

High levels of insurance (10 million+).

Always at the forefront of innovation and process management.

JCD provide waste management services to a wide range of commercial premises from multinational companies to smaller SMEs locally. This is an integral part of what JCD does day to day; we’ve specialised in commercial cleaning services for more than 30 years and have developed bespoke solutions for all our clients.