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    We employ trained professionals to undertake cleaning in tight and confined spaces from sewers to chimneys. These restrictive spaces require experienced personnel with access to specialist equipment which we at JCD can provide.

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Cleaning confined spaces is a specialist service, requiring highly professional technicians who are comfortable and calm when working in very tight spaces or spaces with difficult or singular areas to access. Luckily, JCD have so many years cleaning in a variety of environments including food producers, various industrial units and applications, public and private sewers and drainage systems. Using JCD for your confined space cleaning can be a comfortable choice.

We clean an extensive number of confined spaces, if you don't find your particular space below, just let us know!

Small & Sub-Floor Rooms
Storage Tanks
Process Vessels
Boilers & Chimneys
Ventilation & Exhaust Ducts
Underground Vaults & Cellars
Furnaces & Incinerators
Ship Compartments

Confined Space Cleaning Service Tooling

We use a variety of tooling when cleaning in confined spaces. The tool and application is very much dependent on just how limited we are for space, ventilation, fixtures and fittings and access points. What you need to know however, is that we will get the job done safely and efficiently to the required standard.

Hazardous Substances

When cleaning confined spaces, in particular to treating any areas such as vessels used in food production, these normally have a heavy regulatory requirement to ensure they are properly maintained and free of salmonella and other bacterias that pose a risk to human health. We are familiar with using all types of hazardous substances in confined locations. 

If any substances used create fumes then our team are fully equipped and trained in the use of bodysuits and respiratory equipment. All substances employed are reviewed with correct MSDS for safe application.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is an effective form of cleaning large confined areas. This may be as a standalone form of cleaning, or to rinse down and remove any substances that were applied either by hand or by fogging equipment services.

Pressure washing a confined space can also be combined with hazardous substances to quickly treat all surfaces where direct hand cleaning is not required.

Where accessing a confined space is not entirely and physically possible, we have specialist access equipment for our pressure washing equipment to allow a thorough clean and extraction service. 

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is effective at sterilising with its extreme temperatures and as a standalone service. It is suitable in cleaning many confined spaces, fixtures and fittings. 

Depending on the requirement, you may opt to include steam cleaning alongside the use of hazardous substances to completely sterilise, in particular where high temperatures help active cleaning agents.

For quick and effective cleaning, rinsing of surfaces can be carried out by pressure washing.


If you are looking to quickly sanitise or sterilise large open spaces, we have a variety of fogging equipment for all areas including confined spaces.

Where outbreaks of contagions or risk of infection is high, fogging equipment is a quick and cost effective way of sterilising rooms, equipment, fixtures and fittings.

Our specialist equipment provides a thin layer and even distribution of substance across all fixtures, fittings and surfaces including the hardest to reach areas.

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