• Kitchen Cleaning

    Deep cleaning kitchens, whether its a office kitchenette or commercial kitchen in a restaurant, our services will get your 

Our Kitchen Cleaning Services

We provide the full range of typical commercial cleaning contractor services making use of some of the best high-end commercial tools and with well trained staff to match. No matter what your contract cleaning needs, we will always deliver a first class, professional cleaning service.

Fixtures & Fittings

Deep cleaning fixtures and fittings in a kitchen environment typically requires the treatment and removal of a significant accumulation of grease. 

In our arsenal of tools we have various specialist substances that not only remove grease in an efficient manner but also leave the surfaces undamaged and sanitised.

Floor Cleaning

Professional scrubbing and removal of accumulated grease, food and debris using various scrubbing machines including rotary machines, scrubber driers and hand tooling. 

We also utilise strippers and resealing technology to easily and periodically take flooring back to its bare surface prior to resealing. This allows for quick maintenance of the floor on every visit.

High Level

When grease accumulates on high level surfaces, you see a significant build up of dust as it sticks and accumulates to the grease. 

Using our access equipment which includes MEWPs and access platforms, we can reach the hardest areas and provide industrial cleaning to remove all the toughest accumulation of grease. 

Duct Cleaning

Room servicing, cross channel servicing whislt in port, catering and restaurant facilties, reception areas and lobbies, washrooms and gym facilities and more. 

If you are looking for a service partner in hospitality, look no further. Our services are bespoke to the size of your facility, giving you value for money services that will keep your guests at their happiest. 

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

JCD Cleaning has extensive experience of working with education establishments across Kent, London & The South East. 

With experience from nurseries all the way through to universities and adult learning establishments.

We can work in areas with at-risk individuals and ensure their environment is safe and accessible at all times.

Drainage Services

With our partner company, Greywater Drainage, we provide total drainage solutions across the South-East.

Services include fault identification, drainage mapping, CCTV & surveyance, unblocking & jetting, excavation & repair, drain relining & repairs and tanker services including cesspit and septic tank emptying.

All vehicles and tooling provided by Greywater Drainage.

Let JCD Cleaning help your business achieve up to a 5 star food hygiene and safety rating. We offer a professional kitchen cleaning service working to the highest standards of health and safety. 

Our built in procedures and risk assessments safeguard our employees, our customers’ employees and the general public. In order to achieve these goals we not only provide the main hygiene service but also create a strategy which will help you meet these standards on a day to day basis, which in turn will reduce future costs.

Our Clients

Our Accreditations

Thorough kitchen cleaning professionals.

ISO14001 Award

Our Guarantee

Highly trained staff with industry-leading task specific training

An area support structure capable of supporting your contract.

Regular site specific auditing at the agreed frequency.

High levels of insurance (10 million+).

Always at the forefront of innovation and process management.

JCD Cleaning offer Kitchen & Duct Cleaning across Kent, London and the entire South east, we are one of the UK’s leading providers of commercial kitchen deep cleaning services.

Our specialised services are designed to make sure your kitchen and premises are fully compliant with health and safety laws as well as insurance requirements. In fact, our professional deep cleaning services can prepare your kitchen to meet the highest standards.

JCD Cleaning can specialists Kitchen & Ducting cleaning services for your kitchen regardless of size, by cleaning grease and carbon deposits from your extractor fan, ducting, and entire kitchens at a time convenient to you. A post-clean TR19 compliant report is provided as evidence of your compliance.

.We also offer a kitchen ventilation system monitoring service. Our technicians use an Elcometer 456 to collect readings of the grease levels in your systems. A TR19 compliant report is created using these readings to help determine if, and when, cleaning is required, or to demonstrate your current compliance.

JCD Cleaning attend all kitchens to inspect and provide a detailed quote prior to any work commencing. A detailed report will be provided after the clean identifying any areas of concerns and advisories given on when the next clean needs to be carried out. We appreciate that all kitchens are busy environments and we therefore work with you to ensure a convenient time for the clean even if this is outside normal business hours so you can keep disruption to your business and customers to an absolute minimum whilst delivering you the highest levels of cleanliness.

What is the key to JCD Cleaning delivering excellent kitchen cleaning services to our Commercial clients?
    • Motivated Managers who are incentivised to deliver results.
    • Attracting and keeping loyal and hardworking staff.
    • Recognising and rewarding the cleaning staff for excellent performance.
    • Regular Quality Assessment reports.
    • An appreciation and respect for Health and Safety.
    • Close customer contact.

    This is the formula we aspire to in all our commercial cleaning contracts, and underpins our company culture daily.

Why is it important to find a competent, professional kitchen cleaning provider?
    • The average employee loses nine working days a year to sickness, some of which may be attributed to a lack of workplace hygiene.
    • A typical office keyboard can carry up to 7,500 bacteria at any given time.
    • Viruses such as the flu can linger on unclean surfaces such as work desks or electronic equipment for 24 hours. 
    • 60% of absences from work illnesses are contracted from dirty equipment in the office such as e-coli, staph and bacteria.
    • With 65% of office workers sharing phones and computers, and with a whopping 25,127 germs per square inch found on just a telephone, employers need to take cleanliness seriously.

    If you and your business are looking for a no nonsense, cost competitive & result driven commercial cleaning company then look no further than JCD Cleaning.

Where do we provide kitchen cleaning services?

We clean commercial properties across Kent, London, Essex, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. If you are in the South-East, we are the fasting growing kent based commercial cleaning provider.

Our commercial cleaning service is utilised by hundreds of single site and multi-site businesses that require anything from 10 hrs per week to 1,000 hrs per week.

Medway Maidstone Canterbury Dartford Tunbridge Wells -

How We Work

Your Requirements

When discussing your current arrangements we will ask questions to understand why you are looking at either a new service provision or replacement service partner. 

We would like to understand how our commercial cleaning services can make a success where you may previously experienced failures in service level agreements or what has worked well for you to date and look to reinforce those achievements.

You may be looking for commercial savings or greater value for money, or may be looking to achieve a CSR or sustainability goal.

Site Survey
​Single or Multi-Site

Whether you are looking for a service partner for a single site or a multi-site management proposal, we will survey the existing commercial cleaning standards on site, what equipment and tooling has been used to date and make provisions for our own recommendations. 

In an industry crying out for professional training and management, we typically find commercial cleaning operatives without the proper tools and training to complete the tasks at hand. 

These challenges typically surround pH values of substances, PPE, correct equipment and processes to achieve the required standards and hygiene.

​Like-For-Like & Preferred Bids

We understand that when trying to evaluate service partners it can be difficult without a full breakdown of costs and a broader knowledge of our industry. This is why, were appropriate, we can provide a like-for-like bid so you can benchmark your current supplier. 

Our preferred bid will be based on your service requirements, expectations, any SLAs and penalties, standards on site, equipment provision, substances and tooling, staffing levels, training requirements for existing staff, course certifications for operatives, whether we have any local site based commercial cleaning managers, or requirement for a daily area management visit.

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