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    At JCD Cleaning, we work hard to ensure your outlet is presentable and pleasant to be in, so you can welcome customers with confidence.

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Our Retail Cleaning Services

The areas and tasks below are those that we have experience servicing and cleaning in retail environments.

Retail Stores

Maintaining high standards through effective management, training, tooling and support, our team are highly proficient in the cleaning of retail store environments.

We keep your store up to standard so your team can focus on what matters most to your business and your customers, driving sales and providing top service.

Management Suites

We know your staff require a clean office environment to work comfortably after spending hours of their day within the retail development. Management suites are regularly hosting prospective retailers, investment partners, delegates & more.

First impressions count and your management suite is a reflection of the standards that can be expected across the rest of the centre.

Litter Picking

Shopping centre visitors will typically treat the environment the way it is presented. If the environment looks dirty and poorly maintained, they will typically have less respect for the environment, making them more prone to litter.

We ensure blowing litter, accumulated leaves and debris, staining, chewing gum and cigarette ends are cleaned up. Our team have pickers and large brushes for sweeping wider areas for litter.


In retail environments, public washrooms are high-traffic areas that need sufficient capacity for visitors. Our day janitors and other specialist teams keep these areas well maintained and presentable so visitors feel comfortable using the facilities and know they're safe from bacteria and other pathogens.

We also ensure there is no accumulation of dirt and that the risk of blockages are at their minimum.

Waste Management

Much of the waste that leaves a retail venue is recyclable but typically goes to general waste, ending up in incineration, RDF or landfill. We find most waste being disposed of in a costly co-mingled skip.

Recovering cardboard, polythene films, hard plastics, metals, polystyrene and other recyclables means we can process these for sale at market rate, preventing high disposal rates of general waste. This would mean a revenue for the retail centre and service charge.

Shopfront Windows

Everyone likes to do a bit of window shopping when they're out. That's why our professional retail window cleaning team keep them clear and sparkling year round.

If you are a standalone store our team can clean your windows as per your requirement. Otherwise, our on-site team will maintain standards following periodic cleaning by our mobile professionals.

Car Parks

Car park areas are the first thing many of your retail customers will see when visiting. First impressions matter, which is why we are familiar with maintaining large areas with high traffic to a high standard in an efficient and cost effective manner.

With ride-on scrubber-dryers and utility vehicles, we ensure our staff are traversing these areas safely whilst preventing build-up of oils, dust and litter.

Reception & Lobby

Welcome prospective clients and other visitors to your outlet safe in the knowledge their first point of entry is a clean, hygienic and comfortable environment.

We deliver top of the line polished floors with an executive shine, glazing, sanitised surfaces, topped with clean and fresh-smelling leather chairs that will ensure satisfaction across the board in all settings.


We provide daily spot stain removal and chewing gum removal to all high-traffic retail areas and meeting rooms.

Our team also have site-based extraction machines, or our periodic deep cleaning carpet team can carry out other efficient methods of cleaning such as carpet bonnet cleaning, extraction cleaning, steam cleaning and more.


Steam cleaning is highly effective at sanitising surfaces and removing particularly difficult stains & ingrained dirt.

Retail areas can be breeding grounds for bacteria, so specialist steam cleaning - including all equipment, surfaces, fixtures and fittings, hard to reach areas - will keep these areas safe.

We also work in external areas to remove chewing gum and dirt from porous surfaces such as paving slabs.

Cafeteria Deep Cleaning

Our janitors complement retail cafeteria services by working to health & safety requirements whilst maintaining in-house standards.

Our strict cross-contamination procedures and risk assessments safeguard our employees, as well as your employees and customers.


We provide the main hygiene service and create a strategy which will help you meet these standards on a day-to-day basis, reducing future costs.

External Flooring

We provide comprehensive cleaning for outdoor hard flooring, including patio, concrete, brick, wood, stone, and much more. Our extensive experience in this area and use of specialist substances and scrubber-dryers will make quick work of the tough porous surfaces that often prove tricky.


Our careful planning ensures no damage to grouting or surfaces of any kind, resulting in a quick, efficient and cost-effective maintenance programme.

Feature Cleaning

If your retail development or shopping precinct has features such as ponds, waterfalls, statues and play areas, we will carefully devise a site-specific safe system of work and risk assessment to ensure that such areas are maintained to high standards, without putting visitors, centre staff and our operatives at risk.

Water features may require the use of hazardous substances and a maintenance programme to safely handle flora and fauna.

Exterior Cladding & Roofing

Glazing, cladding, roofing, solar panels and more! We have access to a full range of pressure washerssteam cleaners, and gum removal equipment, including appropriate substances to remove graffiti and other challenging problems retail outlets can come across if for example, they're positioned on a main road. 

We maintain safe and effective access with MEWPs/cherry-pickers, platforms and harnessing, where required.


High-level cleaning services to larger stores, perhaps in retail parks or based in warehouses are hazardous and require specialist access equipment. We provide the most affordable specialist cleaning in the South-East.

Our team have many years’ experience using specialist equipment for working at height and are adept in abseiling for hard-to-reach areas.

Drainage Services

With our partner company, Grey-Water Drainage, we provide total drainage solutions for retail outlets across the South-East.

Services include fault identification, drainage mapping, CCTV & surveillance, unblocking & jetting, excavation & repair, drain relining & repairs and tanker services including cesspit and septic tank emptying.

All vehicles and tooling provided by Grey-Water Drainage.

Drains & Guttering

The team at Grey-Water have decades-worth of experience identifying the root cause of blocked drains, fixing the problem without damaging any of the drains or surrounding materials and in doing so they prevent subsequent maintenance at any later date.

Grey-Water use top of the line pressure pumps to navigate hard-to-reach passages including sewers, all internal and high-level drains such as guttering.

Storm Drains

Storm drains prevent rain from accumulating on flat surfaces by safely channeling it into main drainage routes.

Unfortunately, storm drains often go without maintenance and can routinely become blocked with mud, silt, sticks, and various other forms of debris.

Maintaining storm drains can reduce the amount of debris build-up outside, ensuring none of it makes its way into the property.


We provide maintenance solutions covering the South-East, including training and managing on-site maintenance personnel. 

Services cover running water, general electrical maintenance, drainage, general repair to fixtures and fittings, painting and more.


Correct Covid-19 cleaning is a specialist area with a specific knowledge requirement to ensure high risk contact surfaces are adequately sanitised.

JCD Cleaning are currently helping in the fight against Covid-19 utilising specialist misting equipment and by hand sterilisation of surfaces.

Our Clients

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Consistent, Reliable, Trusted Retail Cleaning Partners.

ISO14001 Award

Our Guarantee

Highly trained staff with industry-leading task specific training

An area support structure capable of supporting your contract.

Regular site-specific auditing at the agreed frequency.

High levels of insurance (10 million+).

Always at the forefront of innovation and process management.

The cleanliness of your retail store plays a huge role in creating a lasting, first class experience for your customers, whether you're maintaining changing room cleanliness or attracting potential customers to look at your window display. Regardless of whether yours is a single store fashion outlet, exclusive boutique or multi- location car dealer, JCD Cleaning ensures the highest levels of cleanliness.

We offer a totally flexible schedule and are able to work quickly and efficiently to ensure your retail premises are at the highest level of cleanliness, leaving your customers with a positive and pleasant retail experience. This can be undertaken out of hours if required. 

We handle contracts of all sizes from small single location boutique stores to huge multinational supermarkets and retail developments. All of our cleans are quality assured and we guarantee the highest level of service. 

What retail cleaning services do we provide?
We are able to carry out one-off deep cleans or regular maintenance checks and as with all our client’s solutions we offer a cost competitive and bespoke solution based on your requirements which may include:
  • Shop floors
  • Changing rooms
  • Staff rooms
  • Offices
  • Stock rooms
  • Washrooms, toilets and bathrooms
  • Window and cladding cleaning
  • Floor maintenance and carpet cleaning
  • Drainage, blockages to sinks, toilets, guttering.
  • Cladding cleaning
What is the key to JCD Cleaning delivering excellent retail cleaning services?
    • Motivated Managers who are incentivised to deliver results
    • Attracting and keeping loyal and hardworking staff
    • Recognising and rewarding the cleaning staff for excellent performance
    • Regular Quality Assessment reports
    • An appreciation and respect for health & safety
    • Close customer contact

    As a professional cleaning company this is the formula we aspire to in all our commercial cleaning contracts, and underpins our company culture.

Why is it important to find a competent and professional retail cleaning provider?
    • The average employee loses nine working days a year to sickness, some of which may be attributed to a lack of workplace hygiene.
    • A typical office keyboard can carry up to 7,500 bacteria at any given time.
    • Viruses such as the flu can linger on unclean surfaces such as work desks or electronic equipment for 24 hours. 
    • 60% of absences from work illnesses are contracted from dirty equipment in the office such as e-coli, staph and bacteria.
    • With 65% of office workers sharing phones and computers, and with a whopping 25,127 germs per square inch found on just a telephone, employers need to take cleanliness seriously.

    If you and your business are looking for a no-nonsense, cost-competitive & results-driven commercial cleaning company then look no further than JCD Cleaning.

Where do we provide retail cleaning services?

We clean retail developments, precincts and shops across Kent, London, Essex, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. If you are in the South-East, we are the fasting growing kent based commercial cleaning provider for you.

Our cleaning service is employed by single site and multi-site premises that start from upwards of ten hours per week.

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