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    We are experts in cleaning areas of infectious diseases. You can rest easy with our team on hand keeping your work environment safe and healthy for you and your visitors.

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Our Covid Cleaning Services

Your work is a place where you spend a large portion of your life, so the work environment plays a big role in affecting how you feel. Therefore, it is important that the workplace is clean and hygienic, which improves the quality of life for you, your colleagues and your family.

Correct Covid-19 deep cleaning is a specialist area but the cleaning techniques are not significantly different than dealing with the spread of other infectious diseases. With many cleaning companies not fully understanding what is required to kill Covid-like viruses or Covid-19 in particular, rest assured JCD are equipped with the right tools and have expert knowledge in this field to get your work environment to a safe standard so you can relax and focus on your day.


Upholding the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, our operatives adhere to the strictest cross-contamination controls when it comes to the eradication of Covid, especially in washrooms. 

Your staff and visitors can rest assured in the knowledge everything in your lavatories has been properly sanitised at regular intervals. We also provide periodic washroom deep cleaning services for round the clock maintenance.

Care Homes

It is important for us to find and select the best cleaning providers to complement existing strict Covid control measures in care homes. 

In addition to the common cold, influenza, and other respiratory virus infections, there are many infectious diseases that can be transmitted from one person to another through close contact. Our services reduce this risk by cleaning residential care homes, communal areas, lobbies and washroom areas to make sure the building is fully sanitised for its residents.


Covid control in office environments can be a challenging task with varying staffing levels, shifts and schedules.

We recruit and manage personnel that operate as day-time janitors, evening and morning cleaning operatives to maintain the reduction of Covid.

Daily cleaning schedules and tasks ensure your staff desks, phones, IT equipment, kitchens and washrooms are maintained to the highest standard.


Industrial units are often in operation 24/7. Everyone has a vital role to play in ensuring whole departments don't spread contagious diseases.

Every stage of our cleaning process is carefully planned and executed. We use a complete range of professional cleaning equipment, from portable foggers and steam cleaners to highly effective sterilisation techniques and substances. 

Our high quality cleaning products have been developed especially for industrial businesses but are deployed across a variety of environments. 


When resting and eating in a kitchen room environment, you may be touching your eyes, nose, mouth on a more regular basis in an environment where the surfaces are widely shared. 

Unlike your desk, which is mostly only coming into contact with yourself, the kitchen table you are seated at will have significantly more and varied germs that can spread disease. This is why regular cleaning in busy shared environments like kitchenettes is of particular importance, especially with regards to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Communal Areas

Contamination of viruses is a common problem in most shared environments. Unlike office spaces, you can be sat in a waiting area that has seen hundreds to thousands of individuals over the course of the month.

We sterilise all surfaces including soft furnishings, carpets and touch points, ensuring your patients or visitors are in a healthy, clean environment. 

 When dealing with illnesses, ordinary cleaning methods alone are not up to the job. Professional fogging, steam cleaning and hand sterilisation combined can provide total peace of mind.

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Covid cleaning partners you can trust to get the job done thoroughly. Never cutting corners when creating a hygienic and safe work environment.

ISO14001 Award

Our Guarantee

Highly trained staff with industry-leading task specific training

An area support structure capable of supporting your contract.

Regular site-specific auditing at the agreed frequency.

High levels of insurance (10 million+).

Always at the forefront of innovation and process management.

Whether you’re at home or in the office, we can help protect you and your loved ones from everyday germs and bacteria. 

Our powerful disinfectants, fogging equipment, cleaning products and hands on sterilisation techniques will ensure that your work environment is safe and free of disease.

Cleans can be carried out during office hours dependent on the area but restricted access may be required for wider office cleans.

What is important in delivering effective Covid-19 cleaning?
    • Following medical guidance on how the virus is transmitted on surfaces.
    • Knowledge and expertise of cleaning products that are effective in killing the virus.
    • Thorough awareness of high risk areas, touch points and typical contaminated surfaces.
    • Asking the right questions and understanding what parts of the site may be impacted.
    • Attracting and keeping loyal and hardworking staff.
    • Recognising and rewarding the cleaning staff for excellent performance.
    • Regular Quality Assessment reports.
    • An appreciation and respect for health and safety.
    • Close customer contact.
Why is it important to find a competent Covid cleaning company?
Covid strains are not a new illness, however Covid-19 in particular is effectively dangerous as it was a previously unknown strain to humans. By not contracting a well educated, properly equipped company, you risk the health of your staff and your immediate and wider social circle.

Due to normal strains of Covid and other contagious illnesses:
    • The average employee loses nine working days a year to sickness, some of which may be attributed to a lack of workplace hygiene.
    • A typical office keyboard can carry up to 7,500 bacteria at any given time.
    • Viruses such as the flu can linger on unclean surfaces such as work desks or electronic equipment for 24 hours. 
    • 60% of absences from work illnesses are contracted from dirty equipment in the office such as e-coli, staph and bacteria.
    • With 65% of office workers sharing phones and computers, and with a whopping 25,127 germs per square inch found on just a telephone, employers need to take cleanliness seriously.

    Contact the right Covid-19 deep cleaning company and get effective results first time - it could be the difference between catching a serious illness or not.

Where do we provide Covid cleaning services?

We clean commercial properties across Kent, London, Essex, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. If you are in the South-East, we are the fasting growing Kent-based commercial cleaning provider.

Our commercial cleaning service is employed by hundreds of single site and multi-site businesses that require anything from upwards of ten hours per week.

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